We are pleased to announce the winning of the remodel to the Mill course at the prestigious Wisley Golf Course in Surrey England due to start April 2013. Another master piece design by Architects Robert Trent Jones jnr in coordination with Bruce Charlton head designer.




We can do your smallest alteration to a complete remodel and even a whole new golf course with this "SHAPING-ONLY-SERVICE" Service, Bobby aims to give golf clubs and other sports facilities a different approach to remodeling their facilities in these troubled times of the credit crunch. Many golf clubs would prefer to use their own staff where possible when constructing new greens, tees, bunkers or pitches to reduce costs, however may not have the shaping experience to take on such projects themselves. Bobby is happy to fill the void these clubs have by supplying a shaper/driver only basis that will work to architects drawings, or utilize and give advice on club and managers ideas. We can also advise on quantities of materials and can if required take responsibility for all on site activities including the hiring of appropriate plant and machinery to see the project through to its completion and handover.

Renovation & Bunker Remodeling


Our flexibility and commitment to quality extends to the renovation of existing golf courses, greens, tees, bunker complexes and individual bunkers. We are currently retained by a number of golf clubs to carry out a programme of bunker renovation works on an annual basis. We are happy to consider any project, whatever the scope.

Irrigation Systems


We are flexible in our approach to the design of irrigation systems - we are happy to provide a complete design service or to work with your own consultant. We are pro-active and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer realistic and effective solutions to any problems that may arise.


Our installation teams are trained in other disciplines such as construction and drainage, and are therefore cost effective on a project where the programme dictates phased installations.



Bobby's Management provides a seamless link between golf course design, pre-opening and full operational golf course management. This phase is pivotal to the overall development of a golf course, ensuring the delivery of a world-class product, delivered to specifications, on time, and on budget.


Bobby's Construction Management can provide clients with;


•Significant savings, eliminating profit taking
•Greater control during construction
•Eliminate fears of shortcut construction techniques
•Improved overall quality of construction which will decrease future operating costs
•Allows in the field design changes and revisions to be made without having to negotiate expensive change orders


Bobby provides extensive support in budgeting, scheduling and coordination to the golf course developer, whilst adhering to industry standards and regulations.


Bobby's Construction Management addresses one of the most important decisions a developer will undertake in the planning stage of their project.







Secondary Drainage Systems

Secondary drainage systems intercept surface water and convey it rapidly to the lateral drains of the primary system. This ensures that playing surfaces are usable as soon as possible following heavy rainfall. Typical secondary drainage operations are sand slitting, gravel/lytag/sand banding, and ground breaking.

We have the specialist equipment to carry out all these operations, as well as subsurface aeration and sand top dressing. All equipment is fitted with low ground pressure tyres to ensure minimal compaction to the playing surface.


We are committed to working to the highest standards in construction and renovation of golf courses. Our construction methods promote a top quality product through a variety of processes and industry specifications including the USGA Golf Course Construction Standards.


The site where you choose to build your course is the greatest single factor affecting the cost of a golf course. Earthmoving is labour and equipment intensive and this where Bobby & Peter excel over our competitors. Our policy of continual investment in man and machinery means we can undertake jobs at greatly reduced time scales and costs. Additionally, Bobby's ability for on-site material processing can both reduce costs and interruptions to existing income generating activities.


All golf courses at one time or another require improvements and renovations. A green or tee may require upgrading or a water feature added, expanded or removed. Whatever the work it is essential to first review the course in its entirety and examine the impact of proposed changes on the existing course. Course improvements require thorough planning and management and Bobby have in place a dedicated and experienced team who can manage and oversee every aspect of the work to the highest and most current standards.

"When built and maintained properly, USGA greens have provided consistently good results for golf courses over a period of many years. These guidelines are periodically reviewed and updated as a result of scientific research and as new techniques and materials are proven reliable."